Free Clinic


Our new clinic, which we decided to call the Haven Clinic, opened on Valentine’s Day. Its function is to serve the girls, children, and staff in our programs — right now that’s about 60 people not including babies.

We already need to restock some supplies and medications! Our full-time nurse is doing well-baby checks, dispensing medications for cough, doing malaria and typhoid rapid tests, and keeping records on all the babies so we can make sure they’re healthy and developing well.

This is HUGE. Health care, even for very serious illnesses and diseases, is out of reach of almost everyone in the Namuwongo slum. We’ve done a lot of DonorSee projects to help us cover the costs we’ve incurred over the past year. The average has been about $90 — while the average income in the slum is less than $10 a month.

But now, we have scenes like this. Teen mom and Ross House resident Christine’s joy at baby Zoe’s first-ever wellness checkup. Free of charge.

It doesn’t get much better than this!

Thank you for all your help and support as we’ve set up this clinic. Obviously, we will have ongoing costs of medicines, supplies, and the nurse’s salary. You can become a monthly donor (in any amount!) or donate to our current DonorSee project by clicking the button below if you want to help.

Webele nyo!




During 2021, we had a LOT of medical issues come up for our girls and babies. The most common were malaria and typhoid, but we’ve also had intestinal parasites, pneumonia, and burns… to name a few.

We have a wonderful doctor who sees our girls at a discount and without requiring payment up front. But he does, of course, require payment in short order, as does the hospital where most treatments have to be done. (Many meds for advanced typhoid and malaria, as well as antibiotics for children, are done through an IV canula that stays in for a week). Plus there’s transport to and from the hospital on boda bodas.

We’ve done a LOT of DonorSee projects to cover medical bills… So I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it before, but in January it hit me: OPEN A CLINIC, DUMMY!

So we did! We’d contracted for more space within our compound in August, and at the end of the year most of it was finally ready. That allowed us to move the Ross House girls to a more private apartment area and free up rooms in the main house. VOILA! A clinic was born.

We are now officially open for business, with a fully stocked medicine cabinet, first aid supplies, IV supplies, a bed, and a full time nurse.

We’ve already had our first patients!

Of course, this is free to our girls and their children (and our staff). But it’s not free to US. We will have ongoing expenses to restock medications and supplies, as well as the nurse’s salary. We also had the expense of setting it up. If you’d like to help, just click the button below – 100% goes to the program.

Thank you ALWAYS for your amazing support! We’re so grateful to have you with us.