Very Sad News…


I just got incredibly sad news.

Kalunji, above on the left, has died. I think I shared recently that she had reunited with her brother and made the decision to return to her family village with him. She’s only been gone a few weeks.

But about 20 minutes ago, Ronald got word that she has died of a liver infection. (We’re trying to get the medical papers now.)

I’m really speechless… Kalunji came to us when she was 15 and four months pregnant. Initially she was living with her elderly jaja, but when the jaja passed on, she moved in with us. She was in our first Literacy class in 2022, then went on to Hairdressing. She had her baby, Rahim, with us, with Nurse Sherry helping her get to a private hospital. She had a brilliant smile.

We are all devastated, of course. I’d appreciate your thoughts and prayers for the girls and staff at Touch the Slum, as well as for Rahim and other family members.

Mwebele nnyo,


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A Devastating Loss at Touch the Slum


I am devastated to tell you that we lost baby Alpha today. His 16-year-old mom, Sylvia, is inconsolable.

Alpha suddenly spiked a high fever this morning with convulsions. Sherry got the fever down and she and Mama Santa rushed him to the hospital. The hospital REFUSED TO TREAT HIM because the pediatrician wasn’t there. By the time they got to the second hospital, he had no pulse.

Our community is in shock and mourning. They are holding a vigil all night tonight.

Please pray for Sylvia and everyone in our very close-knit Touch the Slum family.

Thank you.


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