Why Kampala City Authority Wanted Us for a Last Minute Meeting…


Yesterday, Ronald was all set to go to the farm with three other members of our team to help Derrick process the dried maize when Sarah called from a meeting with KCCA and an organization called Plan International saying they needed HIM at the meeting, too.

So the farm trip was postponed and off Ronald went on a boda.

When he got there, he found THIS out – we’re the #1 Youth Led Organization in the city!

Plan International is conducting an initiative to make Kampala better and bring more equality for “the girl child”, so they’ve been doing a lot of research into Youth Led Organizations in all the city’s slums. (There are 5, Namuwongo being the largest.)

The next step is to go back today for another meeting (Ugandan’s LOVE long meetings!) to meet different stakeholders and see how we can fit in to this initiative.

I’ve long told you all that our team in Uganda is AMAZING, and it’s true! I’m so proud of them and the work they put in day after day — as well as the love and enthusiasm.

And I’m proud of YOU, because your support and donations are what has allowed us to grow, to deeply impact lives, and to bring culture change for the “girl child” in Kampala.

You’re making a difference!

Mwebele nnyo!


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