Seeing red…or maybe pink


It’s probably hard to tell just how small our compound is from photos and videos (please follow us on Instagram!). Even this photo makes it look pretty spacious — and it is, if it was being used as the single-family home it was built as.

Alas, our single family is over 100 people strong!

And because everyone is from the crowded slum, it all works. Until we get an outbreak of an illness that spreads like wildfire — like pink eye (conjunctivitis).

I had a message on Telegram this morning that we now have 10 girls with pink eye. They’ve been given medicine from our clinic and told to stay home so we can minimize the spread. And to be honest, this is really the first outbreak we’ve had of anything since we opened in November 2020… but that doesn’t make it easier.

The staff has gone back to the “covid protocols” we used in 2021, and I’ve posted an urgent project on DonorSee to restock the medication Nurse Brenda needs to treat pink eye. We’ve got lots of handwashing going on, and we’re very thankful for the liquid soap we make in-house.

Our clinic operates because of YOU. When we opened it on Valentine’s Day 2022, we knew it would save us money in the long run. We really underestimated the huge impact it’s made every single day for every single person in our program.

We can’t thank you enough!

Mwebele nnyo!


PS If you want to help with this urgent project, click the button!


PSS You may have noticed you didn’t get a newsletter last week and I apologize! I was under the weather for a few days and totally forgot until Sunday. Hopefully you missed us! 🙂

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