Friend, sometimes, we go outside our brief…

In our Namuwongo project, here are some things we don’t (usually) do that we did last week:

  • Take in pregnant teens
  • Provide food for people not in our program

It’s just a matter of budget – there is SO MUCH NEED among the 30,000 people that live in Namuwongo, and we are one small nonprofit. We have to say no MUCH more often than we can say yes.

But sometimes, you just can’t say no.

A few weeks ago, the LC (local community leader) called about a pregnant 15 year old girl. While it’s in our “one day” plan, we currently aren’t equipped to take in pregnant teens. But we brought Kalunji to the office for counseling, and she has come back and spent all day every day there. She gets 2 meals a day, she’s finally gotten prenatal care and vitamins, and she’s safe.

Last weekend, the team went with her to visit her home, where she lives with her jaja. What they found was an elderly woman near to starvation, in a home where they slept on the bare dirt floor.

When Ronald sent me the video, there was no question. OF COURSE. Buy food. Get charcoal, a mattress, bedding.

OF COURSE. Because sometimes, you just can’t say no.