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In 2020, we got connected with GreatNonprofits online. At the time, we didn’t even realize people could give through the platform — we were just happy to be able to be listed in a way that people could find out about us.

Then, thanks to you all, we got this award!

For a small nonprofit, that’s a pretty big deal. And it brought in more than $1000 in donations over the past year.

Now we only have 3 more weeks to get the award for 2022.

Will you help?

It only takes a few minutes to leave a 4* or 5* review, but it means a lot to us for the upcoming year. Just click the button below now, and let the world know what you love about Ten Eighteen and Touch the Slum.


Webele nyo!



When we began using DonorSee in September 2021, we really had no idea what we were doing. (I mean REALLY…!) It’s a truly unique fundraising platform that relies on lots and lots of relatively small projects, shown in video format, with follow-up videos so donors can see exactly what their money accomplished.

Switching from a general “please donate to help us” to dozens and dozens of individual projects, figuring out the best way to create compelling but short videos, and doing timely follow-ups around time differences, and power and internet outages — not to mention just learning a whole new platform’s algorithms and rules — was a pretty steep learning curve.


We did it! It helps that I’m really stubborn and a natural problem solver. It also helps that DonorSee is extraordinarily responsive to our questions and suggestions, as well as committed to our success.

And now we’re in the Spotlight! You can click the button below to see my interview and hopefully get a broader overview of our work, our challenges, and our dreams.

We’ve raised over $11,000 on DonorSee in 5 1/2 months, and we’re very excited to see where 2022 takes us!

Thanks for being here!


PHOTO CREDIT: Bob Ditty Photography