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In early 2022, we raised the funds on DonorSee to create a computer lab. One of the main drivers for this project was that the government had used the pandemic lockdowns as the impetus for moving many of its services online.

Things like National ID, medical service access, and more were no longer available in person — and thus no longer available to the large percentage of the population (about 50%) who are illiterate and the more than 70% who do not have access to computers or the internet.

So at the same time as we were creating vocational literacy through Skills for Life, and linguistic and mathematical literacy through the Literacy Program, we instituted Digital Literacy so that our girls wouldn’t be left behind.

Teachers Justin and Gloria make sure their students can type (preferably with more than two fingers!), use Word and Excel at their most basic, and navigate the internet to access services and information.

The girls use the computers when they are preparing for exams, to research designs in African braiding and fashion.

The Photography and Videography students use the computers to edit their work.

Some girls are planning to use their skills to earn money by typing forms and documents for those in the slum who can’t do it for themselves.

The computer lab is an integral part of our Holistic Literacy philosophy and it was funded 100% by YOUR donations. We can’t thank you enough!

Mwebele nyo!


PS The computer lab was a Large project on DonorSee. We’re allowed to have one Large project (over $500) at a time on the platform — our current one is the farm, which is 85% funded. We have several Large projects ready to go once the farm is fully funded. Can you help us get there? 100% goes to the project! Just click!


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Late last year, we posted our first big project on DonorSee – a computer lab for Skills for Life. This $10,000 project was highly ambitious for us, and to be honest, it has been slow going.

WHY do we feel strongly about introducing digital literacy to our community?

Many of Uganda’s government services have moved online, such as National ID registration.

  • Many good jobs require online applications, as well as basic computer skills.
  • Having knowledge of digital applications like Microsoft’s Office Suite vastly broadens the kinds of jobs open to our girls.
  • Digital literacy allows our girls to fully participate in civic life in their communities.

And NOW… thanks to two Roberts who each made a huge donation within 24 hours of each other…


For a whole year, including electricity, maintenance, and the teacher’s salary!

We are a small organization — small but mighty! For us, $10,000 is HUGE. And YOU made it happen!

We really can’t say THANK YOU enough! Webele nyo!



PS While we no longer have a big project up on DonorSee, we have plenty of small ones, from tailoring supplies to restocking the food for our daycare. 100% goes to the program — if you have any questions, just use the Contact screen and ask away!

Photo credit: Bob Ditty Photography


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