When going blind is normal


Rose is 16 years old and a student in our Literacy program. As you can see from the photo, something is going on with her left eye — she is having pain and losing her vision.

While in Western terms, getting Rose seen by a doctor and diagnosed is a very minimal cost (under $200, including transportation to the specialty clinic across Kampala), to Rose and her single mother it has been an unrealistic dream. Her mother gave up because there was no way to raise the funds.

Fortunately, a regular donor on DonorSee funded 100% of the project yesterday and Rose, her mother, and Monica from our team will go to the clinic today (Thursday). Hopefully we will get a good treatment plan and prognosis.

Rose’s case is more severe than most, but vision/eye issues are endemic in Uganda and Africa. One of the most common causes, besides parasites, is vitamin A deficiency. We have three staff members who have eye problems from this, and it’s a tricky one to solve due to the diet and potential toxicity of supplements. For the most part, sufferers just get prescription glasses that dim the light and suffer with it.

(For those who have asked, we have contacted the Lion’s Club in Kampala, but their focus is not really on blindness and other eye issues anymore, at least with this club.)

So I will keep you posted on Rose, and hopefully we will get some good news. If not on the diagnosis, at least on the treatment.

Why tell you this, you might ask.

Well, it’s because of YOU, and donors just like you, that we can get Rose seen by a clinic and arrange for treatment. It’s because of all of you that our clinic is open every day offering free medical care to girls who otherwise would literally never see a doctor or nurse. It’s because of you that we can have hope for Rose and other girls. And we really can’t thank you enough.

Mwebele nnyo!


PS Just heard from Ronald in time to write this post script – Rose was seen at the eye clinic and referred back to IHK (a private hospital near our compound), where she now has an appointment at mid-day tomorrow. I’ll report on that in next week’s email!

PSS We are buying a second Purifaaya water filter and replacement clay filters for our current one, and only need $115 to fully fund the project. With over 100 people at the compound daily, we go through a LOT of water, and clean water is vital for our girls’ health. Just click the button to contribute – as always, 100% goes to the project!

Purifaaya – Clean Water!

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