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Raise your hand if you get overwhelmed by all the bad news, prices at the grocery, important things falling off planes, and more happening throughout the Western world. (Me!)

I get that the daily dose of disaster is exhausting.

My goal with this weekly newsletter is to bring you stories of how your money is making a real, tangible, priceless difference to the teen moms and teen girls in our program. While I do make “asks”, I rarely ASK.

Today, I’m asking.

As of this writing on Wednesday, we haven’t had a single donation on DonorSee in 6 days. While January and February were slow, in March, til last week, had seen a distinct uptick in activity. This is a very normal and expected pattern after year end giving season. But I don’t think we’ve ever gone a week without a single donation on that platform.

Why should you donate to Ten Eighteen Uganda and our Touch the Slum program?

  • 100% of your donation goes to the work
  • We are able to run a residential program, Literacy program, Vocational Skills program, and community outreach that reaches over 100 daily and over 5,000 over the course of a year with under $125,000 in donations.
  • I have 15 years of experience working in the Namuwongo slum, and almost all of our staff are from this community, meaning we know the needs and know how to address them in ways appropriate to the culture.
  • We have been recognized by Plan International and added to their “recommended list” — one of only 2 for the District that is home to millions.
  • We were named the top Youth Led Organization in Kampala in 2023.

In short, we are small but mighty, and your donations allow us to transform lives and change a culture that does not value its girls.

Will you consider making a donation or becoming a monthly donor? Your support will ensure that our program can continue to serve the most needy in Namuwongo, and we promise that every dollar will go to changing lives for the better.

You can make a one-time donation or become a monthly donor at Donorbox by clicking the button below:


You can also donate to a specific project, become a sponsor of the clinic or residential program, or become a monthly donor on DonorSee by clicking this box:


If you can’t donate right now, that’s ok! Will you share this newsletter and our work with a friend or two? Your word-of-mouth referral means the world.

Mwebele nnyo,


PS I just had a message from Ronald that we had an attempted break-in at the farm last night. The would-be thieves made a hole in the wall (!) but Derrick discouraged them from entering (with a machete). Apparently they were going after our boda. Ronald and our legal officer, Jimmy, went to the farm then met with the LC and local police, who say they will investigate. (We’ll see…) The cost for the transportation and materials to repair the hole is $55 – you can use the Donorbox button above to help defray this cost. Thanks!


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