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Teen Mom Harriet’s Journey To Small Business Owner


After her father passed away, Harriet moved to the Namuwongo slum to live with her mother in a teeny tiny home. Her mother didn’t make enough to meet their basic needs, so Harriet “got a boyfriend” who could help provide some of the necessities of life, such as food and sanitary pads.

After she found out she was pregnant, the boy fled. Our social worker Sarah found Harriet in a squalid, bedbug infested, teeny tiny home with a one-week old baby who wasn’t thriving.

Harriet and the baby moved into the Ross House, and she moved through Literacy, Basic, and Advanced Tailoring. She is now running her own small tailoring business in the family’s home village.

This is her story.

It’s your support and encouragement that keep Touch the Slum open and providing such critical care and services to vulnerable teen girls in the slum. We so appreciate all you do for Ten Eighteen and Touch the Slum!

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Monica’s Story – unpaid dancer to female photographer!


When Monica’s mother died, she had to stop going to school. While she went further than most in the slum — through Senior 4 — she didn’t have any skills that made her employable.

But that might have been the best thing to happen to her, as it led her to Touch the Slum, photography, and a newfound passion to become the best female photographer in Kampala.

This is her story.


Every Tuesday in November and December, we will be bringing you a story, told by the girl herself, of how Touch the Slum has impacted her life.

We hope you enjoy this series and seeing how you have so tremendously impacted the lives of the eight girls featured — and many, many more!

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