Fun at Mikisa Farm!


While holes in the ground usually aren’t too exciting, this one really is! (No, really!)

Ronald is standing at our HAND DUG — yes, someone goes down in that hole and physically digs — well. They hit a rock layer which delayed them somewhat, but we are just about finished with the digging. It looks like we will soon have access to abundant, clear water year round!

Check out the banana trees behind Ronald, too. Those were just planted as 2′ high starts back in the fall! I’m telling you, you can literally throw a stick in the dirt and grow stuff in Uganda.

There’s a LOT going on right now, and Ronald will be spending all next week living in the farmhouse with Derrick, getting it coordinated. (God bless his gift of administration!) Here’s where we are:

  • Now that Derrick is moving in, we’ll get the glass in the windows and the water tank installed. Those are things easily stolen if no one is on the property.
  • The house and yard will be cleared and cleaned of construction debris.
  • Household furniture and goods are being purchased this week so the house will be set up for full time living.
  • The goat pen and chicken coop will be started and we’ll be sourcing the animals.
  • The gate and “Mikisa Farm” sign will be ordered and installed.
  • We’ll make sure that Derrick has all the tools and supplies he needs.
  • The solar system, well pump, and irrigation system will go in.

Then we grow! (More…)

It’s thanks to you and your generous giving that has allowed us to get this far on the farm. We made the decision to go ahead and finish all our projects using money from Year End giving even though the project on DonorSee is at 85%.

We believe we will get the rest of the funding to backfill the budget, but we KNOW that we need that farm to be producing at capacity for our girls and their food as soon as possible. If you can make a donation today to help, that would be amazing — but if not, we are so grateful for all your support since 2009!

Mwebele nnyo!


PS Our Board Member (and my daughter) Ryan is expecting baby #2 soon! We’d appreciate your thoughts and prayers. This Jaja can’t wait!


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