Big News About Managing Director Ronald!


There are so many things I love about this photo. Mama Santa, who is our cook and house mother extraordinaire is also Managing Director Ronald’s mother. She had him when she was 14 years old, has never been to school, and has worked hard against staggering adversity and poverty the past 26 years.

She did her best to make sure her own kids got an education. She worked hard jobs, long hours, and made tremendous sacrifices so they could have a different life than she did.

This weekend, she prayed a blessing over her first born as he got ready to take the stage and graduate with a Degree in Women and Gender Studies from Makerere University in Kampala.

I can’t imagine the emotions she felt, but I know she danced and ululated and laughed and feasted on cake as she celebrated. It was beautiful — and what an amazing example to the teen moms in her care as they witnessed the miracle.

Ronald has accomplished so much, and still has a heart for the community he grew up in. He is the most administratively gifted person I’ve ever known, and I am very fortunate to be working with him to create Touch the Slum.

We are so proud of both Ronald and Mama Santa – hit REPLY to send them messages of congratulations and I’ll pass them on!



PS We have a new project up on DonorSee for resident teen mom Christine’s exit package. Christine has been with us for about a year, coming when her daughter was under a week old. She’s done wonderfully in Basic and now Advanced Tailoring, and will graduate when I’m there on April 8th. We’d love your help to get her home set up when she moves out (soon!). Just click!

Christine’s Exit Package

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