Short Term Missions Opportunities 2014

Short Term Missions Opportunities 2014
 We have several short-term missions trips opportunities this year: ANDROS YOUTH CAMPS: In August 2013, we did a youth camp for about 40 kids in Mastic Point (you can see pics on the website and blog). We had basketball, soccer, outdoor games and VBS. We’re hoping to do TWO youth camps this year, one in late June in Nicholls Town, and one in either late July or early August in Mastic Point. It’s a one-week trip and includes some fun stuff, too. Last ye

Andros Youth Camp – Reflections

We spent the last afternoon at this beautiful beach, at the Andros Island Resort in Nicholls Town. The beer was cold, the ocean was crystal clear and cool, the weather was perfect, and the food was delicious. It was the perfect way to unwind after a week of much activity, much pouring out, much laughter and sweat and love. We talked, we walked, we sat, and, most importantly, we rested. So what are the take-aways from the trip? Well, I'm not one to write...

Andros Youth Camp – Last day!

The kids started arriving early - we were all pretty excited! The chairs had been moved out, so Jason and some of the other staff played some games until the ball got a bit crazy. After that, the Sharpies came out and the tee shirt signing began! After singing and worship, all the team gave their testimonies, sharing a time in their life when they didn't think they were enough, but God brought them through and His will was accomplished. It was really...

Andros Youth Camp – Days 3-4

AUGUST 14: There was a huge storm in the night, but that cooled it off somewhat. (Mrs. Murphy nodded when I said it was better, and said, "Yes, it was cool!" Okay no... it wasn't COOL. But it was probably 8-10 degrees cooler, and that was a lot better!) We had 40 kids, between those that came early and those that joined along the way, and we ran four full, separate stations. Cross the ocean was pretty chaotic, but otherwise it went really, really well. Th

Andros Youth Camp – Days 1-2

AUGUST 12: Day 1 of camp! We arrived at 7:30, to make sure that we could get everything set up. We had a meeting at breakfast, just trying to get our priorities in order. I shared what I journaled earlier in the morning: that we were to be God's hands and feet, eyes and ears, heart and tongue. We were to reflect His glory for the kids to see, to model our theme of "Are you enough?" Everyone was in a great frame of mind! Turned out the basketball court is

Andros – Team Weekend!

Our team came from the US in two groups, because one of them works for American Airlines, and her family was flying stand-by on Friday. That was four people, and the other five came on Saturday. The Rays got to the airport in Nassau for the Western Air flight at 2:30, and were boarded on time at a little before 4:00... But the Delta-flying group was delayed by equipment issues in Atlanta. Western Air, to their credit, did wait for about 40 minutes, but the...