Mawanga, ROWAN, and the Ladies Co-op

Mawanga, ROWAN, and the Ladies Co-op
Last October, through a series of divine connections via Instagram, I got connected with ROWAN (Rural Orphan and Widows AIDS Network) in Mawanga. We established a women's cooperative there in the village, to teach women basic tailoring and make items for our Ndoto Project. That group has had a little bit of a rough start because our supervisor/teacher had a very busy schedule and they didn't get the training and supplies we were hoping for. BUT, Emily at R

Why Should You Help?

Joy. That's the look on these ladies' faces. Pure joy. Why? Because it's pay day! These women, for the first time in their lives, are earning a regular, living wage. Let me repeat that - FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THEIR LIVES, they are earning a regular, living wage. Honestly, they are probably the first people that they know to do so, at least in their village. The Ndoto Collection's store is full of items made by the Mawanga and Namuwongo co-o...

The End of a Long, Productive Week in Uganda

First and foremost, my biggest prayer was answered: We hired a supervisor for the Ndoto Project! His name is James Jemba, he is a certified tailor and teacher in the country, and has taught sewing and shoe making since 1991. I interviewed him yesterday (after a fairly disastrous interview with a lady the day before), and he brought his papers today. Everything checked out, and he came this afternoon to get started. Peace also got her first Masai necklace ...