Mawanga, ROWAN, and the Ladies Co-op

Mawanga, ROWAN, and the Ladies Co-op
Last October, through a series of divine connections via Instagram, I got connected with ROWAN (Rural Orphan and Widows AIDS Network) in Mawanga. We established a women's cooperative there in the village, to teach women basic tailoring and make items for our Ndoto Project. That group has had a little bit of a rough start because our supervisor/teacher had a very busy schedule and they didn't get the training and supplies we were hoping for. BUT, Emily at R

Setting Up Co-Ops In a Foreign Country

Meet Robina. She is our lead seamstress in the Mawanga co-op. Do you see her machine? Did you notice that it is HAND powered?! Well, it's not anymore. After our training session in Mawanga, we went back to Kampala and immediately ordered four tables to be made to convert these ancient, heavy hand powered sewing machines to treadles. Foot power... It's what's making your pajamas! Mawanga - the whole village - doesn't have power. The lines stop seven ...

Because It’s Africa – A Change of Plans!

There is a saying amongst those ex-pats who live and work in Africa (doesn't matter where, either!): TIA. This is Africa. This is used to explain, well, just about everything, because what you realize quite early on is that virtually nothing goes how you think it will, when you think it will, where you think it will. Flexibility is key, because without it, you are going to be more frustrated than you've ever been in your life. (Even with it, you wi...