How Am I Helping?

The women of ROWAN (Rural Orphans and Widows AIDS Network) in Mawanga, Uganda, all are HIV positive. Some of these women come quite a distance by boda boda in order to learn a trade and earn a sustainable income in their very rural, poor district. Buying any of the pajama shorts (even at our current very discounted price) gives them a weekly salary and the ability to learn from our teacher/supervisor so that they can have a skill for life. The w...

Giving Tuesday – Gifts that Give Back

Giving Tuesday – Gifts that Give Back
Today is Giving Tuesday (and of course, there's a hashtag for that: #givingTuesday), and we are all about giving here! For those who are new to us, Ten Eighteen gives 100% - yes ONE HUNDRED PERCENT - of the donations away to our programs in Uganda. No administrative fees. No overhead. All giving. And we've been doing some awesome things lately! ONE HARBOR CHURCH in Beaufort and Morehead City, NC, did a giving campaign recently, and raised enough mone

Setting Up Co-Ops In a Foreign Country

Meet Robina. She is our lead seamstress in the Mawanga co-op. Do you see her machine? Did you notice that it is HAND powered?! Well, it's not anymore. After our training session in Mawanga, we went back to Kampala and immediately ordered four tables to be made to convert these ancient, heavy hand powered sewing machines to treadles. Foot power... It's what's making your pajamas! Mawanga - the whole village - doesn't have power. The lines stop seven ...