Andros Youth Camp – Days 3-4

AUGUST 14: There was a huge storm in the night, but that cooled it off somewhat. (Mrs. Murphy nodded when I said it was better, and said, "Yes, it was cool!" Okay no... it wasn't COOL. But it was probably 8-10 degrees cooler, and that was a lot better!) We had 40 kids, between those that came early and those that joined along the way, and we ran four full, separate stations. Cross the ocean was pretty chaotic, but otherwise it went really, really well. Th

Two weeks and counting!

I leave for Andros in 12 days, but the team gets there August 10, two weeks from tomorrow. I'm so excited! Our meeting went really well, and I think the team is really motivated to really show the love of Jesus to the kids every single day of the camp. I know we haven't done anything in Andros before, so I don't have any idea how it will go, but going through pictures from my last Uganda trip (Feb 2013) with a friend really brought the excitement to the fo...