In addition to our ongoing work, we have a number of projects underway. If you’re interested in helping with any of these, please contact us!

Project Friendship!
Project Friendship!


Project Friendship is a fun way to engage people on both continents. Volunteers make friendship bracelets in the States, and we distribute them to the women and children in our programs. Why? Well, because those crafting the bracelets spend time thinking about and praying for the recipients, and each time a woman or child in Uganda or Andros sees their bracelet, they know that someone here made it for them and is praying for them. And then they say a prayer for us. Project Friendship is so popular that we will give away 300-400 bracelets at an event with 115 people! If you want to help by making friendship bracelets, contact us!

the whole camp balls up


Youth camps are a TON of work and exhausting, but such a wonderfully fun thing to do! We have been able to engage the kids in the slums of Kampala, as well as kids on the very poor island of Andros, in these camps. What’s more fun than basketball, soccer, crazy outdoor games, and learning about Jesus and God’s plan for you? Answer: Not much! If you’re interested in participating in a youth camp, please sign up for our newsletters so you will know when they’re being offered.

Luganda Bible Uganda


Getting the Word to those who don’t have it… Every ministry’s dream, right? Well, not only are we able to get the Bibles to the Luganda people, we have the amazing privilege to publish it, too! Pastor Sam Namatiiti, who translated the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs into modern day Luganda has asked for 15,000 Bibles to be sent to Uganda. And that’s just scratching the surface! You can help by donating $10 per Bible, which covers the cost of publishing and shipping it all the way to Kampala. From there, Pastor Sam and a team of other retired pastors are distributing them in villages for free.



In July of 2014, the Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA), after months of tepid threatening but no general education effort, came through the slums of Namuwongo in the dead of night with bulldozers. They tore down everything in a 30 meter swath along the railroad tracks. Now mind you, there are no trains. There are still no trains, nearly a year later. But the “coming” railway rebirth was an excuse to try to get rid of some slums, so thousands of people were displaced, their belongings ruined, their already-meager lives and livelihoods dramatically altered. We raised $3000 and were able to relocate 15 families, as well as do emergency food distributions of rice, oil, beans, soap, and some other items to over 100 people/families once a month for three months. We continue to monitor the situation, as many who left the slums have slowly gone back, and KCCA isn’t done with their “project.” We have relocated our families to affordable places, usually within the vicinity but outside the potential demolition zone.

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  1. Dear Staff,

    I do volunteer work for a non profit organization here in Washington State, 2nd Chance Ministry. The director is Bishop Linkon C. Brown, Jr.

    Our group received a request for Bibles from Pastor Johnson of Mbarara, Uganda. He has a need for 200 Bibles in the Runyankole language, which is commonly used there. Unfortunately at this time we haven’t been operating long enough to form partnerships, or a financial base to be of assistance, other than to contact other groups, and organizations who may be able to help.

    I have included his contact information, in addition he has a Facebook presence under Johnson Pastor.

    Hoping very much you can assist this church.

    Have a blessed day,
    Cynthia Rose
    2nd Chance Ministry

    Pastor Johnson
    Nuwagira P.O. Box 1795
    Mbarara, Uganda, Africa

    Senior Pastor at

    Redeemed Church
    Kakoba, Mbarra, Uganda

    1. Sorry for the delayed response – this went into the spam folder! Unfortunately we don’t have any Bibles in Runyankole. We only have Luganda. I don’t have the funds to purchase them in country, either. I will, however, pass the info along to a retired pastor in Kampala who tries to help with these things if possible and see if help can be found! Thanks for reading and contacting us.

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