I’m back from Uganda – Early!

I’m back from Uganda – Early!
I ended up having to return from Uganda early due to some pressing business issues (not Ten Eighteen). That was really a bummer... I hated missing the visit to Jinja, Bukaleba, and the party yesterday at Ray of Hope. Fortunately my son is still there, so he's carried out Ten Eighteen's commitments and done a great job. While I was there, I had a great time and great visits with many of our ladies. The weather was great -- not nearly as hot as the Februa

What’s happening in Kampala these days

What’s happening in Kampala these days
My son has been in Uganda for about three weeks now. On Saturdays, he and a friend have been going down to Ray of Hope in Namuwongo and hanging out with the kids there. They've been having a great time, and I've had several Facebook messages from kids who have spent time with him. I leave on Thursday and will arrive Friday night (UG time, afternoon US time). I hope to be able to post - there has been internet most of the time he's been there, which is amaz

Making lots of progress!

Now that the Youth Camp is firmly in the hands of my program director, I turned my sites to the Uganda trip. I began to panic a little bit, because Zeke leaves on August 21, and that is really not that far away! I've made an appointment with the travel nurse for both of us to get our typhoid updated (every 2 years...yay) and get our malaria prescriptions. That's going to cost a pretty penny for Zeke's long trip, but it can't be helped. We've seen many peop...

What does “short term missions” mean to Ten Eighteen?

I guess because summer is upon us and a lot of people are going on short term missions trips, there have been a lot of articles and blogs around the web on what short terms missions are for. I wrote this article about a blog post that I strongly disagree with, and posted this link on the Ten Eighteen Facebook page to one I strong agree with. Ten Eighteen is about to take it's second group for a short term missions trip, so I thought I'd give an explanati...

Day 2 – and it’s HOT!

This is my seventh trip to Uganda, and only one was really hot. Usually jeans are fine, and I wear a sweatshirt in the morning and evening. Not this time, at least so far. It's hot and dry and there's red dust everywhere. Just down the hill from Father's House they are burning, and the house is filled with smoke. Stephen and Bosco are outside to make sure the fire doesn't jump to the property, as one did last year on the other side of the house. I had a g...

Day 1 in Namuwongo

Today I took video, not photos, so I don't have anything to upload. But I had a good day! I headed down to Namuwongo at 9am, arriving there a little before 10am. We headed down into the community and talked to a number of the ladies from Nawezakana in either their homes or at their stalls where they sell produce or cooked food. Mary, who we have helped since the beginning, is doing great. Her son Festo is in his first year at university, studying law; ...