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Thanks to everyone who has asked for our itinerary so you can pray – Here’s a photo of our team, and the schedule, and prayer requests from the ladies.


Here’s our schedule and a little about what we will be doing at each place.

Oct 5 Leave on Delta from Raleigh/Durham, through Amsterdam
Oct 6 Arrive 10pm
We will be staying at Fathers House while in Kampala
Oct 7-9 Ray of Hope, Kampala –
We will spend 3 days visiting the community (slums), helping the Ndoto Project co-op and Ray of Hope, reading to school kids, doing first aid in the community, and Hannah will be teaching the ladies of Nawezakana a self defense class.
Oct 9 – To Mawanga
We will stay in Pastor Paul’s house. This is VERY rural – no power, iffy phone, no running water. But so lovely, peaceful, and Pastor Paul’s wife is an amazing cook (over an open fire!).
Oct 9-11 Mawanga – co-op, ROWAN
ROWAN (Ruran Orphan and Widow AIDS Network) gathers on Saturdays. We will be playing with the kids, meeting the ladies of the co-op, and generally having a great time!
Oct 11 – To Tororo
We will stay at Green Meadows, a LOVELY guest house (with excellent water pressure!)
Oct 11-13 Tororo – hospice
Hospice in Tororo is based at the hospital. Allie, our nurse, will assist with hospital rounds for hospice patients at the hospital. The non-medical of us will go out into the field with the psycho-social team to assess patients and families, and perhaps do a bereavement visit.
Oct 13 – To Bukaleba
There is a guest house at the babies home/school where we will stay
Oct 14 – Babies home, to Jinja
We’ll spend most of the day with the orphans at the babies home and possibly the primary school children (their schedule dictating)
Oct 15 – Hospice
Hospice Jinja does mostly field work. We will go in the field with them to visit patients, spending the day in the villages.
Oct 16 – to Kampala
Travel from Jinja will be a few hours, so we will have a half day or more to relax and rest, swim, etc
Oct 17 – ROH Rape Prevention Class and Party
At least once a year we do a party for all our sponsored children and the women in the program – about 130 people. Super fun! In the morning, prior to the party, Hannah will be teaching the ladies and some of our sponsored secondary school girls a rape prevention class.
Oct 18-19 Lake Mburo safari
We will do an afternoon boat trip on Lake Victoria, evening game drive, and morning game drive, then head back to Kampala
Oct 20 – market for shopping, etc, leave
We will have time to do some shopping in Jinja, but we will go to the market at the National Theater for last minute gifts, etc. I will also be meeting with Pastor Sam in the morning to talk about the upcoming Old Testament in Luganda, which we shall begin work on in January! Departure for the airport is about 8pm, flight at 11:30pm
Oct 21 – home!

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FROM ALLIE: I know that I am doing this to service others and that is exactly my intent. Please pray for me that I may help and provide comfort to those that I encounter who are in need while sharing the word of Jesus and our GOD. Thanks and Amen!

FROM ERIN: Pray that Allie and I can make it through the airport in Amsterdam! I’m actually quite stressed about the thought of missing our connection (I know that’s silly to worry about but it’s there). And prayer that I would have the words that need to be said to those who need to hear, and the wisdom to just listen when that is needed.

FROM JENNINGS: First, we’ve got crazy weather headed to NC over the weekend, so pray that our flights aren’t delayed on Monday! Also… We have a packed schedule and not a whole lot of time off. Please pray for good health, great attitudes, dry weather, and sane traffic. Also uneventful travel, and hearts of love!