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I love that God has a sense of humor. Really, I do! For my family, God’s humorous side usually translates into new adventures.

Sometimes those adventures are… let’s say ones we might not otherwise choose.

You know, those things that you once-upon-a-time said, “I’ll never…” about.

Things I'll Never Do

“I’ll never live THERE…”
“I’ll never do THAT…”
And my personal favorite, “I’ll NEVER be called to be a missionary!”

These last few months, the thing bouncing around my brain is “elsewhere.” Sometimes I feel like I’m talking about a science fiction movie: “When we do the next thing in the elsewhere…” Probably, it should be capitalized. Or all in caps.


Duh duh duhhhhhhhh

star wars cantina

Can you hear the dramatic music? What kind of aliens would live in the Elsewhere, do you think? Would it look like the bar in Star Wars? (Clearly, my fiction writing side is taking hold here!)

But what happens when God is calling you to the Elsewhere? What happens when all the doors in the HERE start closing, and all the doors in the Elsewhere start opening? What happens when you are pretty darn sure that you will be leaving HERE and going THERE, and in the not so distant future?

Well, I’m kind of an adventurer. I’ve always had wanderlust, which is why I’ve been to more than 60 countries. This part — the part where we’re praying and researching and visiting and listening and narrowing down and talking to expats and listening — this part is really exciting. (My husband, on the other hand, has had swings from euphoric to panicked and back again, which is probably pretty much par for the course for anyone feeling called to GO!) I keep all those things that I know in my head in the forefront:

I’ll be able to Skype with the kids – heck, I’ll probably see them more often that way!
Everyone will want to come visit us, because they’ll have a free place to stay!
I love when I’m in Uganda and don’t read the news and get bombarded by the culture!
I am really well suited to a slower pace of living!
There will be so much to see and do!

see all the things

And all those things are true. And I know that I am usually only homesick when I’m in Uganda when I’m missing my husband and my kids. So hey – my husband will be there, we’re empty nesters anyway, should be a piece of cake!

I also know that it IS hard to be far from family, and it CAN be exhausting when things we take so for granted here (like, you know, regular electricity and hot water and people showing up when they say they will) are rarities. I know that my First World problems look petty in the Third World, but that they can feel important sometimes nonetheless. I know that, when we start having grandkids, all the intellect in the world isn’t going to comfort this mama’s heart.

But God. (Kinda ironic that I wrote a book by that name, huh?!)

God puts us where He needs us, and gives us the courage and grace to be there. That could be in your kid’s Sunday school class, or in a nation halfway around the world like Uganda or Thailand. For us, it looks like it’s going to be Latin America.

So what are we saying to God these days? “Sí, Dios, vamos a ir!”

Yes, God, we will go!

Please pray with us as we continue this process! I will still be going to Uganda once or twice a year, from wherever we end up. I’ll still have internet, and still be updating you on, well, all the things. And it won’t be for awhile – but when you know, you know. You know?

Uganda sky