Mastic Point Andros Bahamas

We leave tomorrow to go back to Raleigh (we just got home yesterday afternoon). Our flight to the Bahamas is at 7:00 Thursday morning.

Getting to Andros is a bit of a quest. You can get to Nassau easily and pretty inexpensively on just about any airline. (Be careful though – they will purposefully oversell those flights, and you could get bumped like they tried to do to me the first time we went, leaving my 12 year old son on the plane alone! Needless to say, we got that straightened out and our friend ended up taking a later flight and getting a nice airline voucher.) But once you get to Nassau, you have a few and limited options to get to Andros.

If you’re going to San Andros, there are “air taxis” that go pretty regularly. They only go when they have 5 people, so you might have to wait, but a good number of people go back and forth to San Andros so it’s not too bad.

heading to Andros in the charter plane. It's really fun!
heading to Andros in the charter plane. It’s really fun!

But there are less flights to Fresh Creek – except this weekend, which happens to be Crab Fest. (Think BIG land crabs, not our familiar water-dwelling blue crabs). However, it’s still a bit iffy. There are regular charters from Glen Aire at 7:15 am and 4:00 pm going over (if they have enough people………), but they’re adding some, maybe, for Crab Fest. So we have a 1:00 reservation on Thursday, which may end up being 4:00. And we may get a mid-day flight back on Tuesday, but it may end up being 7:30. Of course, there’s a ferry. Twice a week.

Did I say that Andros was an adventure??

And what is this about Nicaragua? you ask.

Well, we just got back from a conference about living overseas, and we are intrigued by, of all places, Nicaragua. It’s not the Nicaragua that those of us of a certain age remember, with the Sandinistas and craziness. It feels like a God thing, so we’ll be going to explore sometime in the next 6 to 8 months. (We have to time it by the rainy season.) Not sure what that’s about, but we’ll find out! San Juan del Sur is where we are headed, but we’ll explore Granada, Managua, and Matagalpa as well.

San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua
San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

What’s the take-away here? Life with the Lord is an adventure of epic proportions if you’re willing to follow the Wild Goose (An Fiáin Gé)!