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My trip in October wasn’t supposed to be a group trip. Not that I’m necessarily opposed to group trips, although I’m so used to going by myself or just with the kids that I’m a little spoiled with the ease of the whole thing now. Rather, it just sort of evolved out of casual conversations with a local missions-minded pastor and an old friend whose daughter just really wanted to go with me to Uganda. Voila! I had a potential group!

Here are the details, or, I should say, more details than our first post provided.

DATES: Oct 5-21, 2015

COST: Approximately $1000** plus airfare
** cost will vary slightly depending on the total number of people and vehicle required for transport


1. Passport BEFORE AUG 15 with 6 mos or more remaining before expiration

2. Visa ($50, not included in above cost – I will get them all at the same time)

3. Typhoid and yellow fever vaccinations from a travel clinic, with yellow card for your passport

We had to hold the panda...
We had to hold the panda…

4. Updated tetanus, Hep A & B if you haven’t had them, and polio if you are over about 35. Consider a flu shot since it’ll be fall.

5. Malaria prescription.
We use Malarone (the generic version) because it has virtually no side effects. You take it 2 days before arrival, every day, and 7 days after, so you will need 27 (1 day each way is travel out of country). You can take doxycycline, too, which starts 2 days before leaving, then 1 per day of travel and for 28 days after travel. It is less expensive than the generic of Malarone. Doxycycline causes sun sensitivity, so if you choose this med, you need to make sure to use sunscreen all the time – Uganda is on the equator so even though it isn’t very hot in Kampala most of the time, the sun is still strong. It also can cause nausea and stomach pain in some people. DO NOT use chloroquine – the malaria in Uganda is resistant.


Oct 5 Leave on Delta from Raleigh/Durham, through Amsterdam
Oct 6 Arrive 10pm
We will be staying at Fathers House while in Kampala
Oct 7-9 Ray of Hope, Kampala – co-op, slums
We will spend 3 days visiting the community (slums), helping the Ndoto Project co-op and Ray of Hope, reading to school kids, etc
Oct 9 – To Mawanga
We will stay in Pastor Paul’s house. This is VERY rural – no power, iffy phone, no running water. But wonderful people and food!
Oct 9-11 Mawanga – co-op, ROWAN
ROWAN (Ruran Orphan and Widow AIDS Network) hosts women and children in their program each Saturday for a meal, games, etc
Oct 11 – To Tororo
We will stay at Green Meadows, a LOVELY guest house (with excellent water pressure!)
Oct 11-13 Tororo – hospice
Hospice in Tororo is based at the hospital. We will visit patients and go out with teams to the villages
Oct 13 – To Bukaleba
There is a guest house at the babies home/school where we will stay
Oct 14 – Babies home, to Jinja
We’ll spend most of the day with the orphans at the babies home and possibly the primary school children (their schedule dictating)
Oct 15 – Hospice
Hospice Jinja does mostly field work. We will go in the field with them to visit patients
Oct 16 – to Kampala
Travel from Jinja will be a few hours, so we will have a half day or more to relax and rest, swim, etc
Oct 17 – ROH Party
At least once a year we do a party for all our sponsored children and the women in the program – about 130 people. Super fun!
Oct 18-19 Lake Mburo safari
We will do an afternoon boat trip on Lake Victoria, evening game drive, and morning game drive, then head back to Kampala
Oct 20 – market for shopping, etc, leave
We will have time to do some shopping in Jinja, but we will go to the market at the National Theater for last minute gifts, etc. Departure for the airport is about 8pm, flight at 11:30pm
Oct 21 – home

You can find out more about all these activities by exploring the blog archives on this site! Please contact us for questions.

Kids love having their photos taken - adults, not so much
Kids love having their photos taken – adults, not so much
Jinja uganda
Pastor Paul's compound, Mawanga
Pastor Paul’s compound, Mawanga
village clinic uganda
Hospice Jinja clinic visit
slums Namuwongo Kampala Uganda
Namuwongo slums
feeding Ray of Hope slums Kampala Uganda
Ray of Hope party
zebra Lake Mburo wildlife park Uganda
Lake Mburo safari