village school


I did not intend to build a school.

God did.

On our third visit to Uganda, my daughter and I were horseback riding in Jinja. (If you’re ever in Jinja, go riding! It’s an awesome way to see the countryside, the villages, and the Nile.) As we rode by schools, kids would come pouring out to the road yelling “How are you fine? How are you fine?”

primary school

village school

While the school in the above picture is nice, most village schools (if there is one) are more like this next picture, also taken outside of Jinja on an ATV tour.

village kids

As we were riding along a narrow trail, the Lord spoke to my spirit: “Build a school.”I turned back to my daughter and said, “God wants us to build a school.”She gave me a thumbs up and a grin and said, “AWESOME!”

And so the idea was born. But where to build the school? After thought and prayer, I remembered that our church had raised money one Sunday for a orphanage called Arise Africa in Uganda. When I got back to Kampala and the internet (which had been out, along with the power, for most of the trip, but was on that afternoon), I emailed the missions pastor at Journey and asked for the contact information. He got back to me quickly and I got an email off to Arise Africa just before the power and internet went out again.

Godfrey from Arise Africa texted me – Yes, they would be interested in talking to me. Could I go to Jinja?

This was Thursday. We had a party with NESCO on Friday. We were leaving on Sunday night….

I got a car and driver for Saturday, and headed for a one-day round trip visit.

I’ll never forget sitting with Godfrey and his wife, Joy, in the Arise Africa Guest House over coffee, explaining why I was there. I said, “So I don’t know if you need a school….?”

Joy smiled and said, “We’ve been praying that someone would come and build a primary school! And here you are!”
Of course! God is just amazing!

We got in the car and headed to Bukaleba, the village where the Arise Africa Babies Home is located. It’s rural, y’all. RURAL. But so beautiful! They have square miles of land on Lake Victoria, and it’s absolutely beautiful!

Godfrey showed me where the school would go:


Over the next couple of years, we were able to send money for the first building. The economy in the US took a nosedive, and we haven’t been able to get more than one building up, but we’re hoping eventually to have seven! (Fortunately, and organization has come in and built a dormitory in the last 6 months.)

school construction

AA sign

school window

primary school distance

We now have P1 through P5 – although P5 desperately needs their own classroom, and we’re trying to raise $3000 for a shipping container for a temporary space. The kids are so happy!!

We still want to build those other 6 buildings, plus get tables and chairs and books for the kids. (They do have tables – on my last visit, the Secondary School had borrowed them for their end of term exams!) If you’d like to help, there are some things you can do:

Get your school involved!

We’d love to have kids helping kids! If you need a presentation or written info, just Contact Us and we’ll work with you. We have some great ideas for schools and classrooms!

Get your church, Sunday school or youth group involved!

Does your group need a community service project? Why not help us get these kids classrooms! Your money goes a long way, and it is such an incredibly worthy cause. Again, we can provide you with all the info, do a Skype or in-person presentation, and help you along the way.

Make a tax deductible donation!

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