I was going through my photos while I was creating a blog post for Ten Eighteen, and I just had to share some more photos of every day life in Uganda. After 9 trips, I’m used to these, but it still makes me laugh!

wide ladies uganda

I call these the “wide ladies.” ALL the women’s clothing is set up on these mannequins with huge hips, because that’s what Ugandans like. CAN YOU IMAGINE this as a marketing device in the States?!

eggs on a bike uganda

Eggs on a bike. LOTS of eggs on a bike.

barrels on a bike uganda

Barrels on a bike. Or beds. Or goats. Or a whole family. Pretty much anything on a bike.

music sign uganda

Random signage, especially for music events.

ugly chair uganda

Really ugly – I mean REALLY UGLY – chairs for sale on the side of the roads. Rain or shine.

arabic diet coke uganda

Familiar foods/drinks, like this Diet Coke, made in Jordan or Lebanon and labeled in Arabic. Skittles, Snickers, Lays Chips… All have both English and Arabic.

lung tonic uganda

19th Century cures in 21st Century pharmacies. But on the good side, you can buy some antibiotics and other things over the counter.

You can’t make this stuff up, right? But you can help the women we work with afford to live there by buying their great handmade items in the store. Remember, you’re paying the salaries of 9 Ugandans in 2 cooperatives, giving them a stable income for the first time in their lives! And you’re also helping women, children, and hospice patients through Ten Eighteen. Give back – you’ll always be glad you did!

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