termite mounds uganda

Termite mounds. Lots and lots of termite mounds.

baboon uganda

Baboons and other monkeys. In October, I saw an 18-wheeler brought to a stop by a troop of baboons, who then played on the hood. That was one unhappy driver. We also had a Kindle stolen by a baboon… True story.

building codes uganda

Crazy scary building practices. I mean… crazy. Scary.

meat on the road uganda

This picture is a two-fer, for numbers 4 and 5: First, we have the giant storks. When I first saw them, I thought they were pretty awesome. Then I saw more. And more. And more. And realized they are basically vultures in disguise. Only somehow even more creepy and weird… They just sit on top of things and stare at you!

Second, we have meat hanging up on the side of the road. Or in a rickety stall. Or fish thrown (uncleaned) on a table in the sun. Yes, you can get meat at a real grocery store in Kampala or Jinja. But if you’re in the village, you might want to go vegetarian unless you’re watching the butchering and eating right after!

So there you have it – a quick little tour of real life in Uganda. And it’s still my favorite place in the world!

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