I would. Really. If my husband said, “I think we’re supposed to go,” I’d probably be packed in 20 minutes. OK, a couple of hours, because I’d have to do laundry. Let’s just say FAST!

Why? Here are some reasons:

move 1

Amazing stuff, made with love and skill. Craftsmen and women who take pride in their work.

move 2

These guys. These smiles.

move 3


move 4

The food. Oh my gosh, the food!

move 5

The kids. The joy. This face!

move 6

Monkeys in the back yard.

move 7

Did I mention the kids??

Uganda sky

The skies. The land. The beauty!

You know, I could go on. And on. But you get the idea…

When you make a donation and buy from the Ndoto Collection, you help us with sustainable development, child school sponsorships, and many more programs through Ten Eighteen and the Ndoto Project. These really are gifts with heart!