I leave Friday for my 10th Uganda trip in 5 1/2 years. It seems like I just got back from that last, long, trip, which was successful but tiring. And long, if I didn’t mention that before (my husband will mention it, if I don’t, I’m sure!).

This one will be 12 days, including travel, and much less traveling in-country. I’ll take the day after I get there off (Sunday), and Thursday, and that’s it. I’ll work with both co-ops, and spend some time at Ray of Hope and in the slums of Kampala.

When I think about it – I mean really THINK about it – it’s just amazing. I have a life there, friends there, favorite restaurants, and “my” room at Fathers House. I have kids I’ve known for 5 years. Women who I’ve seen at death’s door who are thriving now. Fellow workers with whom I just pick up where we left off last time like it hasn’t been four months or ten months or over a year. It’s not my main home, but it’s home nonetheless.

The official video for Big Daddy Weave’s song – one of my absolute, make me cry, take me to heaven now songs is filmed in Tanzania. While not exactly like Uganda, it looks very very similar. This is where my heart lives, in African children’s smiles and joy.

I am overwhelmed by His grace to me.