melting snowman

Ok, we don’t have snow where I live… yet. I’m at the coast, and we almost never get snow, although we had 3 snow/ice storms last year, one at exactly this time. It is, however, FREEZING. Twenty-three degrees with a windchill of twelve. Yesterday, with 30+ mph winds, our windchill was five. We may get ice, which I really hate…

Which brings me to this forecast, courtesy of

Accuweather Kampala

This is what next week looks like for me – and I couldn’t be happier!

This is a short trip, so I really don’t want rain – you really don’t want to go down to the slums in the rain! I’m taking an electric sewing machine for the Namuwongo co-op, and the power is much more likely to be on when it’s sunny. (Don’t ask me – ask Umeme, which is known for sketchy service!)

I’ll be in Kampala until Friday, when I’ll go to Jinja and then Mawanga. The weather is good for driving, too. So I’m pretty happy – and I know YOU’LL be happy with the new fabrics and designs the ladies will be making for spring!

Hopefully I’ll have internet and can bring you updates (or get pictures to my daughter for some updates state-side). I can’t wait to see all that the women have been making and learning, and share that with you, our wonderful customers and supporters.

Ok, don’t hate me because I’ll be basking in the sun (I’ll still be in the slums!). Give the gifts that give back, to both our community in Uganda and to yours through helping others.
Fair trade. Unique. Handmade. Socially conscious. That’s the Ndoto Collection.Shop now!