In 2 weeks, I’ll leave on my 10th trip. I live on the east coast of the US, and usually travel through Amsterdam (although we’ve gone through both London and Dubai in the past). Total travel time? About 29 hours. EACH WAY.

Heathrow terminal 5

Cool cars for raffle in Heathrow – we didn’t win one.

travel 2

Really really really long flights.

travel 3

Back when he was small enough to be somewhat comfortable.

Schipol Amsterdam

The glazed over “halfway there and I haven’t slept any” stare

Schipol Amsterdam

Some people just sleep wherever they can, however!

Schipol Amsterdam
Front Camera

Anything becomes a pillow…

schipol amsterdam
Back Camera

Gotta stay busy – and awake!

International flying fun

Have they invented a transporter yet? ‘Cause this is just wayyy too much fun.

Entebbe Airport Uganda

Entebbe airport, waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

International travel

I think we lost 3 or 4 of these bags and got them on day 2.

Airport eating

Eating overpriced food in the airport is always a treat.

Dubai airport shopping

Yes, you can buy this in the Dubai airport. We’re not sure if it comes with an extra seat on the plane or not.

jet lag

Jet lag…

Schipol Amsterdam

The parade of weary passengers at Schipol, after the overnight flight from Entebbe.

I know, it’s hard to stand all the glamour.

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