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Have you ever noticed how generous most kids are? I don’t mean littles who are fighting over a toy, or some sort of innate “goodness.” But kids love to give gifts, and don’t understand the concept of “not giving too much.” They’ll give it all and then some, if they think it’ll make you happy.

We lose that as we get older. We begin to count the cost of gifts. We look for “perfect” gifts. We second guess ourselves. Giving a gift that truly gives back is never the wrong choice!


There are lots of organizations wanting your attention.

There are lots of good causes out there.

The Ndoto Project pays women with HIV, mostly widows, to make our handmade items.

We pay a fair and steady wage, not based on piece work but on the salary principle.

We are using profits to grow our product line, as well as giving Ten Eighteen to further our works with women and children in the slums, orphans, and hospice patients.

100% of your money is going to those in need in Uganda, either to the co-ops for salaries and materials, or to Ten Eighteen.
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