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Ten Eighteen has been, throughout our 5+ year history, about the work. If you haven’t been to a Third World country, I encourage you to go on a short-term missions trip.

One thing that you will quickly learn is HOW FAR your money goes. For the cost of a vente latte at Starbucks, you can feed a family for a week in Uganda.

Because we’ve had a small budget, and we have other businesses, we’ve chosen not to run any administrative costs or salaries through Ten Eighteen. When we are in Uganda, the only expenses Ten Eighteen pays are transportation (not airfare, unless a donation is made specifically for that) and lodging outside of Kampala.

What does this mean for you?

Well, it means that 100% of your donation goes directly to those in need in Uganda! Not very many other charities of any size can say that, but it makes a huge difference in our work.

Let’s say that you make a $1000 donation to Ten Eighteen. We use all $100 for the work, sponsoring kids’ school fees, giving micro-business grants for single mothers, paying our Ugandan social workers’ salaries, funding fuel for hospice, building the primary school in Bukaleba.

For comparison, here’s how your $1000 is used by other charities:

World Vision – $840.70 to programs (84%)
Wounded Warrior Project – $570.70 to programs (57%)
Compassion International – $830.60 to programs (83%)
Samaritan’s Purse – $890.30 to programs (89%)
American Red Cross – $900.40 to programs (90%)
Heifer Project International – $750.90 to programs (75%)
St. Jude Hospital – $690.30 to programs (69%)

I like all these charities. We’ve sponsored children through World Vision (and one of our social workers in Uganda used to work for them there). We’ve done boxes for Operation Christmas Child, gotten gifts from family members who donated to Heifer International, donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.

If we ever have the large budgets that these charities do, I expect we’ll need some staff and other infrastructure. But one of the great things about donating to Ten Eighteen RIGHT NOW is that we don’t. And so we are able to

Know personally everyone who your money is helping
Directly target the greatest needs
Make quick decisions to meet emergency needs, like during the railway crisis in the slums last year

We hope you’ll partner with us! Sure, a $100m budget would be awesome one day, because we could have such an impact. But right now, we love that we are a relationship-driven, sweat-of-the-brow charity making a real difference on the ground in Uganda.


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