led by your dreams

We have First World dreams: a new car, heat and a/c, a college education, a good job with lots of upward potential, sports trophies for our kids. None of these dreams are wrong, they’re just a lot different than those of people living in the Third World.

In Uganda, dreams are a bit more basic:

Enough food for at least one meal a day
At least a few years of primary school education for the children
Clean water
Enough money to get medicine to treat malaria
A home that doesn’t flood during rainy season
A pair of shoes

NDOTO means “dreams” in Swahili.

We started it to help not only the women who are living with HIV who make up our work force, but also all the women, children, and those enrolled in hospice who are able to live and dream better lives because of Ten Eighteen Inc.

Your purchase at The Ndoto Collection Store enables us to pay salaries, maintain machines, purchase fabric and supplies, and also donate to Ten Eighteen.

Giving back… It’s good to be led by our dreams!