Uganda is one of only 9 countries in the world that the Equator runs through. You can go stand on the line… We’re not sure if that makes you temporarily invisible or not… And walk across the street on it. We trust that the Uganda Equatorial Street Maintenance Bureau (or whatever they are called) put it in the right place!

equator uganda

impala uganda

You won’t find impala at the bigger game parks, just at little Lake Mburo. And there are loads of them there – so fun to watch! Uganda is a great place to go for safari: less expensive than Kenya, but all the same animals and wonderful lodges/accommodation. Plus… gorillas.

source of nile uganda

We all learned that the Nile flows north in school. But did you know that there are not one but two sources of the River? The White, or Victoria Nile starts at Lake Victoria in Jinja, Uganda, while the Blue Nile starts in Ethiopia. Of course, Ugandans, being farther south, consider their source THE source, as you can see in the sign above.

Murchison Falls Uganda

The Victoria Nile, which flows at a rate of 300 cubic meters per second, is squeezed through a gap 7 meters wide at Murchison Falls and falls 43 meters down, where it then flows into Lake Albert and becomes the Albert Nile. Unlike insanely large, crazy waterfalls like Niagra, you can get right up on this one. RIGHT. UP. ON. Insane and exhilarating!

boda boda uganda

The boda boda (motorcycle taxi) is an all-purpose form of transportation. You can put 3 people and a baby; two people and a bed frame; 120 cartons of 3 dozen eggs; or a whole bunch of buckets and brushes. It doesn’t matter how high or wide you go. If the bike will run, you can do it.

Winston Churchill called Uganda “The Pearl of Africa.” It is beautiful and wild and lush. And desperately poor. The “poverty line” is a mere $170 per YEAR, and nearly one-third of all Ugandans fall below it.

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