love in action

Christmas. It’s synonymous with gifts, isn’t it?

In fact, it’s so synonymous with gifts that we get ourselves into a panic about them, stay up all night on Thanksgiving night to shop for them, and bite our nails over whether the recipient will like them.

We recently downsized. A lot. You know what we realized? We don’t miss all that stuff! Now we are a lot more intentional about gifts, not just to each other, but to others.


We realized that, when you have space, you fill it up… But not always with things you value.

This is why we created The Ndoto Collection.

We want to not only bring you beautiful, fun, and useful items, we want to give hope and help to those who don’t have nearly enough of either. We wanted to create a place where your purchases, your gifts to yourself and others, give back. A place where you can not only get something you love, but where you can send love to those less fortunate.

When you shop with us, every time you love someone with a special, handmade gift, you also love someone you will probably never meet. You give hope.

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