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7.3% of the population of Uganda has HIV/AIDS, including this little guy’s mother. His father died of AIDS. Ten Eighteen Inc. relocated his family to an area outside the slums of Namuwongo in September.

The women in our Ndoto co-ops live with HIV/AIDS every day. When on ARV’s (anti-viral medications), patients need to eat regularly and minimize stress. A regular, sustainable income achieves both of those goals.

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Uganda has over 3 million orphans, like Marvin. Buying gifts from the Ndoto Project lets Ten Eighteen continue building the primary school at his orphanage, giving him the best gift: education.

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No power, no plumbing, and no transportation = no opportunity. These hand powered machines were gived to ROWAN (Rurual Orphans and Widows AIDS Network) but the women didn’t know how to use them. The Ndoto Project has converted them to foot/treadle power and is providing ongoing training in tailoring to the women of the co-op.

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Because no one should live like this. The Ndoto Collection and Ten Eighteen Inc. provide education and microbusiness grants to women and children in the slums of Namuwongo, so one day, they won’t have to.

Gifts that give back.Gifts with heart.Gifts that change lives.

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