First and foremost, my biggest prayer was answered: We hired a supervisor for the Ndoto Project! His name is James Jemba, he is a certified tailor and teacher in the country, and has taught sewing and shoe making since 1991. I interviewed him yesterday (after a fairly disastrous interview with a lady the day before), and he brought his papers today. Everything checked out, and he came this afternoon to get started. Peace also got her first Masai necklace done, and learned how to make the spiral bracelets.

namu co-op 1

namu co-op 2

I didn’t get to go into the community this week, but many of our ladies came to Ray of Hope. I spent some time with Doreen, planning her move back north to her home village. She will be going soon, and then returning to Kampala quarterly for ARVs at the local clinic. Caroline, the first lady we helped with Ten Eighteen, is returning to Kitgum (in the north) on Monday. She, too, will return quarterly for ARVs. It’s so great to get these elderly widows out of the slums and back to their villages, where they have family and people to look after them and help them.

I’ve also spent time with Mary, Agnes, and Nulu, all long-time participants of both Ten Eighteen and Ray of Hope. When I am back in Kampala the week of the 27th, I hope to spend time visiting the ladies we’ve relocated, now that Ndoto is up and running.

namu co-op 3

Today I bought over 1 million shillings (less than it sounds – $440) of fabric, and got the list together for James.

namu co-op 5

namu co-op 6

We’ve got some BEAUTIFUL fabrics and products for you starting next month!

On Sunday I head to Jinja. I’ll go out in the field with Hospice Jinja on Monday, then to Bukaleba and the Babies Home on Tuesday. Wednesday I hope to visit Sole Hope, then head to Tororo in the afternoon. I’ll spend Thursday with Hospice Tororo and my friend Rinty. Friday I go to ROWAN in Bugiri. James will meet me there, and we’ll get those ladies started on their Ndoto project. Sunday, we’re back to Kampala. I hope to be able to update there – I should be able to, at least in Jinja and Tororo.

Thanks for your prayers and comments!