basketball camp Nsambya Kampala Uganda

October 9 is the day! I’ve started gathering my “Uganda stuff:” power converter, Ugandan phone, passport, malaria medicine and other scrips, my travel blanket and pillow, my Uganda-only clothes (long shorts/capris, mainly).

I’ve also been collecting all the things I’m taking over and leaving: flip flops and toothbrushes for the refugee camp, 1″ elastic and beads and scissors and patterns for the new co-ops, makeup for my friend who lives there.

The lists are long, and every time I think I’m at the end, something gets added!

I’m also trying really hard to stay present in my life here, because I don’t want to be gone mentally and emotionally before I’m gone physically!

Here’s a really important thing for you to know –


Ten Eighteen runs because of people like YOU, who are excited about the work in Uganda and want to help. We can’t do it without you!

You can go on a trip in February if you want to taste and smell and feel and love; we’d love to have you! But we don’t make money on those trips, we just hope that you will catch the vision and begin rearranging your life a little bit to help it keep going forward.

But there are needs we meet EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. And for those, we need your help:

* sponsoring children* helping single moms in the slums* paying salaries of 2 local social workers* relocating those effected by the railway crisis back in July* feeding 30 homeless boys dinner each night* helping hospice with their fuel needs* building a primary school

We are starting the Ndoto Collection to help fund Ten Eighteen (think Toms), but it’s going to take awhile before that generates enough income to make a lot of difference. Meanwhile, we don’t want our programs to have to stop.

On Jan 2, 2015, I will need to wire over $7,000 to Ray of Hope for the First Term, salaries, Haven meals, rents, and elderly widow program. For a little ministry, that’s a big number. But I know we can do it, with your help!

Please donate today, and tell your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors about us!

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