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Regular life in the slums

We’ve had some great things happen today, and I thank you all for your attention and prayers.

Today, I did a radio interview at 7:25, a tv interview with Time Warner Cable News (News 14 Carolina) in the drizzle, and a tv interview with WITN, New Bern. I’ve booked two other interviews for next week. A colleague of my husband’s sent out our press release to 20,000 (yes, those zeros are correct!) news outlets. And we’ve had 531 hits on the blog so far today, double yesterday, and 5 times the amount of Wednesday.

We’ve also raised about $700!

So it’s a huge start, and we’re so excited to be able to give hope to our partners in Namuwongo.

No news from Emily today. Internet and power is often spotty, so I’m trying to be patient. Meanwhile, we’re praying!

Thanks SO VERY MUCH for all your support!

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namuwongo slums kampala