namuwongo kampala micro business
This is Jennifer. We gave her a grant to start a micro-business, and she was able to buy some land and this house. It was right on the railway – it’s gone.

I am going to copy and paste the emails I’ve had from Uganda, because their words are better than mine.

Here is my initial email from Emily, director at Ray of Hope, yesterday morning:

Sunday night saw houses 30 m on either side of the railway line demolished by graders that invaded slum dwellers in their sleep. Some people lost their property and others nearly lost theirlives as graders mercilessly swept whatever was in their way!

There is sorrow and frustration as families are stranded with no where to go and no means of reaching some of their relatives and no money to pay 3 months up front and relocate to other slums! We need your prayers!

The old ladies Doreen and Caroline are taking shelter at one of the churches in the community as we think of the next move. Doreen had made a request to you to help her relocate to the village some time back and she re echoed it citing the crisis. cost of rent in neighbouring slums have shot up because of increased demand!

We need prayers! We are also running around to save part of our school compound which is likely to be affected!

I forwarded this to Pastor Sam Namatiiti, because my friend Suzanne, who lives in Kampala, hadn’t heard about it. Here is his response:

Yes, it’s very true just as related to you, by Emily. One thing I didn’t know is, how near is your ministry Offices are, from the badly affected area. But the fact is that we also are shocked and looking to God’s intervention, because very many who were dwellers in those affected areas are really left at the mercies of God and those of good Samaritans. If possible to have me connected with Emily or whoever else, at your Namuwongo ministry Offices, I will be more willing to team up with them, helping in any way possible. Please kindly advise. Thanks.

I have sent him Emily’s number.

Here is the email this morning from Emily:

Thanks for your concern and quick response. By the way, Ray of Hope school is also affected. We may lose the fence and the whole compound and what is so frustrating is that Steve and his team had just constructed a very good and expensive kitchen for the school! We had a meeting yesterday for all the affected parties and a lawyer was engaged. If efforts to stop the demolishion fails, at least there will be hope for compesation for some of us who have land titles. Let me ask our teachers Lawrence and James to asess the rent situation in Kisugu,Namuwongo and Bukasa and we will let you know. You are right, one house is better than individual rooms. We will also be thinking through the affected families to determine who will be helped in case the plan succeeds.Folks, let me tell you, the plan WILL succeed.

We will do WHATEVER it takes to get our people housed and reestablished. We are also fully convinced that the reason God gave me the idea for the clothing/accessory line, and settled on us the name Ndoto (which means “dream” in Swahili) is just for this time. To give the ladies hope for the future in this bleak and heartbreaking time.

We would LOVE YOUR HELP. Please donate and share this with your friends, neighbors, churches, and coworkers. I will speak to whoever, whenever, and share this crisis. Thank you especially for your prayers.