I had a call yesterday from my friend who first introduced me to Andros back in 2008. He has lived in the states for about 17 years, and been gone from Andros for 20, but it’s his birthplace. He hasn’t wanted to go back. Until… God. He told me that God started stirring him to go back to Andros a few months ago. Just in last few days, he’s been calling old friends that he grew up with, talking to them about ways to revitalize the island. His sister moved back last fall. His mother is feeling like she might be moving back… God is stirring!

On Friday, Ten Eighteen committed to funding a house of prayer in Andros through the end of the year. We believe that the interceessors tilling the soil in preparation for what God is going to do is vital for success. We hope you’ll join us in prayer, and if you’re led, with a donation to help with the rent of the building ($250/month).

Exciting times!!